Conservation Outlook

Investments in conservation play a key role in the reliability of the electricity system now and into the future. Conservation investments today reduce the province’s longer-term energy needs and reduce the need for new generation and transmission infrastructure. The graph below, taken from the Ontario Planning Outlook, shows the impact of conservation programs and the implementation of codes and standards to help meet the province’s energy needs over the next two decades.

Conservation Achievement & Outlook

For more information, visit the Ontario Planning Outlook.

Source Data: OPO Data Technical Report

The Importance of Communicating Conservation

The conversation around saving energy continues to grow.

The IESO measures consumer interest and engagement in energy efficiency to help inform the design and delivery of conservation programs that provide incentives to meet the energy needs of Ontarians. Tools used to measure engagement include regular market research activities such as surveys, interviews and focus groups.

More people than ever understand the value of using energy wisely and say they know what to do to conserve. Indicators that underscore the importance of communicating conservation include these survey results from Neilsen, an independent third party market research company:

For more information, visit the 2016 Conservation Results?Report.